Sunday, November 15, 2009

Passenger Briefings

I'm surprised at how little information is present in the usual student reference sources regarding the provision of passenger briefings.

I could not find anything in the AIM.

FTM has one paragraph, p.39:

  • Seat belts and shoulder harnesses,
  • Smoking limitations,
  • How the doors work,
  • What actions to take in the event of an emergency landing,
  • Location and use of emergency exits, the ELT, the fire extinguisher, the first aid kit, and any other emergency items that may be in the aircraft (survival kits, life vests, life rafts, etc).

FTGU has one line, on p.315

  • Brief passengers: door, seat belts, prop hazard, ELT.

The CARS has, of course, the definitive requirements. CARS 602.89:

  • Location and means of operation of normal and emergency exits,
  • Location and means of operation of seat belts, shoulder harnesses and restraint devices,
  • Position of seats, and securing of seat back and chair tables,
  • Stowage of carry-on baggage,
  • Use of oxygen, if flight is planned to an altitude where oxygen is required,
  • Any prohibition against smoking,
  • If an over-water flight, the location and use of flotation devices, before the over-water portion has commenced,
  • Location and use of first aid kits and survival equipment,
  • Location and use of the ELT.

And passenger briefings are detailed in one more spot - the flight test guide itself (TP13723E):

  • Use of seat belts,
  • The location and use of emergency exits (but regular exits are not mentioned),
  • ELT,
  • Fire extinguisher,
  • Passenger considerations for aircraft evacuation (which generally means "to the tail good, towards the engine bad"),
  • Action to take in the event of an emergency landing,
  • Smoking limitations,
  • Items specific to the airplane being used (the Diamond Eclipse had a pointy hammer which could be used to break the plastic canopy so it can be used as an emergency exit,
  • Other items for use in an emergency (first aid kit, life vests, etc).


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